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As the world’s largest beverage company, water is at the heart of Coca-Cola. Find out what this company is doing to help ensure sustainable watersheds. usat.ly/2ocPoDa ... See MoreSee Less

Watersheds in the Rio Grande | Story from the Coca-Cola Co.

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Aerial footage shows a number of Amtrak train cars off their track and on the ground after a derailment in Pierce County, Washington

Latest updates: cnn.it/2BIhawQ
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Multiple Cars Off the Track in Washington


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What an awful event. I hope everyone injured gets the help they need quickly. I have no prayers to offer because they won't pay medical bills or ease the hearts of those who lost people to this tragedy. It's amazing how many disasters America has had in the past year.

Dave Joneson.....really....Trump caused the train crash. Why the hell does everything revolve around him. Not a big fan but he nor politics or religion or race have anything to do with this tragic ACCIDENT.

Look at all the record tragedies we have had this year alone. Record Hurricanes, record wildfires, record mass shootings, record storms. Now this! Trump is bad omen. And this is just in one year. I’m not the most religious person but I believe some people can bring bad luck into your lives! Buckle up for next year folks!

But now is not the time to discuss our antiquated rail systems! The Republicans will send their thoughts and prayers. trump will throw some paper towels....and tweet against safety regulations.

This is horrible. I used to ride Amtrak all throughout Cali. From San Diego to San Francisco. Not anymore. I’m sorry for all those who lost their lives today😞

OMG....disaster after disaster. I pray there are no deaths. This could have happened to anybody..everyone uses Amtrak 😟 prayers to everyone involved 😞

Know exactly where this is......post-accident investigation better be looking for sabotage of the tracks here.....easily accessible from I-5 and nearby woods.

So CNN, why aren't you reporting this instead of faithfully following every word tRump has to say. Never in my many years have I ever seen everything stop so the president could spew a few words or longer at the American people nearly every day. Most of our presidents were busy working for the country not showcasing all the time and begging for attention.

If Amarycure spent less on war and WMD it might have cash enough to repair and replace it's ancient and aging infrastructure.

This just north of our beach house. Horrible and hope they find the cause. Wouldn't seat belts be a good idea?

Trump and the GOP should invest the 1.4 trillion tax breaks for the superwealthy into infrastructure for all Americans, that will translate into real jobs and avoid future Amtrak derailment.

That's why you got to count your blessings every day because you never know when it's going to happen in your life from moments to moments.. my prayers to those people that got hurt and those who didn't make it,, Rest in Peace...

hope no convicts escaped where they need a hard targeted search of every gas station, residence, warehouse, farmhouse, henhouse, outhouse and doghouse in that area.

Very sad Steam powered trains 100 years ago could run 90 miles an hour, and we basically use the same technology that they used in track and chassis of the cars. Modern diesel/electric train engines are capable of much higher speeds than that. One job of the engineer is to make sure that the cars or put together in a way, where there will not be something heavy at the end and lite cars in the middle (usually with passenger trains, each car should be loaded with relatively the same weight). In the case of slowing into a corner, the momentum of heavy cars trailing (or an engine connected at the end) can actually push light weight cars that may not be filled off the track. This derailment danger is only an issue in a curve. If you ever had toy trains as a child and tried to push the train around a corner you know what happens. Along with all the physics involved, the weight of the cars, is what keeps them flat in a corner, too much weight from trailing cars pushing forward into a corner, can and does derail lighter cars in the middle of a train.

Positive train control failure! And now they will be running positive train control on all hazmat trains coming to a town near you.

Condolences to the families.. But CNN your positive train control expert is an idiot, and yes i know a little about PTC I use it everyday.

Anitfa may of done this. The Good guys have the screen shots! MIke Cernovich has a screen shot of the Antifa BLog. >Pour concrete on train tracks >Brag about in on blog post >Tell others its easy to do and they should do it, too >Delete blog post after train crash >Call anyone pointing to YOUR blog post a "conspiracy theorist" >Be ANTIFA

Terrible....I did see that the train was doing 81.7mph into the curve, could be a cause since that curve is sharp

This is what makes life so unpredictable you never know what's going to happen. One day your alive and well an hour later your dead. This is why a relationship with Jesus Christ is so important. So wether you live or die. You'll life will be safe in his arms

Very Sad. It could’ve been you on that train. Doesn’t matter if it was an accident or intentional. it happened and you can’t undo it.

HEY CNN MSNBC....we must think of a way to blame this on trump....COME ON...there has to be a way.....lets lie and make up a story....heck...you do that all the time anyway..

Our love and thoughts are with you from Australia ♥️

Our prayers are with these families.

Awful, so sad....Sending prayers and positive thoughts.

They should have listened to the city officials in Lakewood...

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BBC News

It's one week until Christmas Day. So we thought we'd bring you sausage dogs in Christmas jumpers.

You're welcome.

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288 Sausage Dogs in Christmas jumpers


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Wait for all the sad depressing negative comments. YES believe it or not HAPPY things do actually happen in the world

Lovely ❤️ my little rescue baby is from Romania and according to her passport she is dachound cross. 🐶🐶

Human beings carry their love too far and continue to weaken the animals immunity by putting clothes on them thus rendering them unable to survive on their own. If Lord wanted all animals to wear clothes, he would have made them all human beings. Merry Christmas to all dogs everywhere:)

My sister had two wire haired “sausage dogs” they were gorgeous, just didn’t like people. They bit the window cleaner who called in the police so they bit the police. We loved them

Omg 😲 It's 42° in Sydney today...its 6:34 am and I'm craving a sausage roll, just so I can decorate it with a festive tomato sauce jacket !! Adorable 🤗

I hate XXI century western society. People love animals just because they are too stupid to grow up children, so just replace them with cats and dogs. Horrible age to live in, totally lack of human dignity, real children in Africa starve and you worry about how to dress stupid animals: ridiculous people of ridiculous XXI century horrible western society.

This reminded me of an extremely funny book "The Finer Points of Sausage Dogs (Professor Von Igefeld Entertainment Book 2)" by Alexander McCall Smith....a delightful take of mostly nothing but a little bit about sausage dogs! 🙂 This book is one of a series about the mostly nothing life of Professor Von Igefeld. They are so funny and ridiculous that you must read them all!

Whenever I see a dog wearing clothes, I imagine the poor beastie saying: "I give you unconditional love and this how you treat me? You humiliate me in public?"

Brittany Jasper I stopped tagging you in stuff like this because I figure 5 other people are going to. But then I realized, if we all thought that way you might never see these Holiday Weiners.

What about homeless people who do not have housing, jobs or food Do they have the right to life like dogs or not

Alex, Jasmine .., a few ideas for Abu (I’m going to assume this will be his name until proved otherwise. It is after all, the obvious choice!) 😂

Aaron Beadle, you should show this to Liz. (Btw, I guess they call them "sausage dogs" in British English.)

Merry Christmas Lynn & Leif and Rosie! this is your card! lol 🎄 (you should join that group! 👍🏻😂)

Very beautiful, but last until the masters in UK decide that that is enough, no more dogs, "we hate dogs and this is is the muslim rule... good bless the queen"...

why was I not aware of this?! worth the journey to see ! Shanice Wedge , get those pups in their Xmas jumpers lol x

Thank you, BBC. Today I learned that you guys outclass us nearly everyday. Sausage dog > wiener dog 😂

Thanks ever so much, Mark Hager! Really puts me in the holiday spirit🎄🎅🏻Happy Holidays to you and Richard😘

Kirsty Taylor I know I know you have probably already had this sent to you several time but I just had too dolly 😘x

Ange Nuttall...borrowing ozzy and blossom for this next year. Angus Hopper, your future daschund will also be mine.

Elizabeth Wimborne Fran Wimborne Grace Gordon. This is what I expect Jed, Tinks and Polly to look like by Christmas Eve!

ChrisSchofield Sophie Rebecca Hannah Glass If only these were staffys. They're still adorable little rabbit hunters though.

Shahar Kimberley Flanders 😍😍 Katy Watson 😍😍 Gemma Keir 😍😍 I don’t know who out of the three of you will love this more

Leanne Jones and Stevie Janisch... following the random discussion about dogs I (mostly) remember from Friday!

Aww Alice Rose Herrington I just saw this and nearly tagged you in it but saw Angela Stewart beat me to the punch 🥊

Joey Degorski Samantha Jane Alana Nicol we need a christmas themed bring your pet to work day

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BBC News

Amtrak crash latest
• “Multiple” fatalities reported
• 77 people taken to hospital
• Train travelling between Seattle & Portland

Updates: bbc.in/2AVfjkS
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Passenger: 'We could feel cars crumpling'


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America has enough money to get mag lev trains but yall wanna give it all to rich people

Amtrak is federal. But that could of been established by the city dwellers & the governers. If so, it falls on the governers head. True Amtrak is from L.A. to north of Seattle. The star liner by name. Don't think that's the star liner, that's afternoon train

This is so sad I think the trains name is ironic Cascade?!?! How sad is that train safety in the states is awful. Let’s ask the Japanese how they run their amazing safe system. God bless the passengers and their families and the first responders.😭

This was the first time on this route. They used to run next to puget sound, but there are lots of landslides on that route.

When is this country going to put some $$$ in our railroad. Asia Europe have high speed service and the trains are fantastic.

It's very disturbing also to me, a Dane, as I for some time have thought of taking the train (I don't drive a car) from San Francisco to Seattle with a stop in Portland. Maybe I should find another train route? Perhaps trains are better managed in a country like Canada or maybe even Chile or Argentina? So sad, indeed. Once upon a time, America had the best trains in the whole world, what happened and when?

It's quite sad that people have died or injured, some will be life changing and there are attempts at jokes

No problem that I know about trains in the USA very much because some of these trains here in the UK travelled underearth the roads of bridges in the United Kindgom.

Trump disgustingly used the deaths that occurred on a Washington train accident to tweet his support for his stupid infrastructure plan while whining that 7 trillion dollars was (supposedly) spent in the Middle East

Thank you BBC for better reporting than the local news is doing here, where it happened.

There's a official announcement at 11:30 am Pacific time

There were 77 people onboard

The mayor from cities close to it didn't want it to go through there town. This is s new route

Susel Alvarez, Alberto Rivero Del Toro. Vamos a tener que posponer o cancelar el Amtrak trip 😞

These sort of accidents are the worst. Wishing a speedy recovery to the injured.

Locals warned this would happen, some fought against it.

Sincere condolences to those who have lost loved ones in this awful tragedy.

So sad. Fast recovery to the injured and condolences to the families of the deceased.

How dreadful. Praying that they all recover.

Such sad news. My thoughts are with the victims and their families

Lousy infrastructure? This country needs money spent on it, not tax relief for rich folks.

I reckon the track engineer is going to be in the office shredding paperwork....

Very tragic event Prayers uplifted for the grieving family members and injured 🤕 survivors

Elizabeth Flores Monroy tren en seattle o que iba para alla.

72 seats on one coach.my train 1998. February blast at puduchery state.kerala express blast from trivandrum to newdelhi and back newdelhi to trivandrym

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BBC News

Watch back the live recording of BBC Radio 5 live's #Brexitcast podcast!

SUBSCRIBE to Brexitcast here: bit.ly/BrexitcastSubscribe / iTunes: bbc.in/2A46PHf
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Brexitcast live recording


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We’re doing a LIVE recording of our #Brexitcast podcast! Send us your geeky Brexit questions, our experts will do their best to answer them! SUBSCRIBE to Brexitcast here: bit.ly/BrexitcastSubscribe / iTunes: bbc.in/2A46PHf

As we are going to lose our holidays, maternity, paternity, sick leave, freedom of movement etc isn't it just time we said "let's stay?" Surely nobody with a brain can think brexit is a good idea.

Whilst we are working 24/7 on brexit anyone noticed our total lack of clout on Foreign policy? The US? The Middle East - especially Syria? Europe? Is anyone listening to us??

It seemed the main reason the English voted Brexit was because of immigration and now that is not going to change..? I doubt the voters who voted to leave will be satisfied...

If your teams in a World cup final and win, you don't give half the cup to the other team, hard luck Remoaners , you lost

Will there be a vote once we all know what the real terms of Brexit are & not what people have been misled to believe?

Voted out because of EU Corporate Corruption! Didn't realise the Tories would try to out do them......

All four regions of the UK should have had to have a majority to leave , people were lied to and voted leave as a result there should be a second more clear referendum

How would BREXIT influence Britain's foreign policy especially with regard to developing countries like India or China?

I am an EU citizen, graduated in 2017 from a Russel Group university, living out-with the UK at the moment. How long do I have to find a job within the UK before this becomes more difficult?

I will never forget that the day after it passed, the number one search in the UK was "What is Brexit?"

If UK wants to stay in the EU then it should change the currency to €, join the Schengen zone, switch to right hand traffic and use the metric unit of measures.

QUESTION: There's been many setbacks, but there's been progress too. Thinking back to before Article 50 was triggered, all in all, are the negotiations at the stage we expected them to be at?

I think some people didn't even know the consequences of staying in the EU or coming out, because there was not enough information on either. It's a bit scary .....

This man is NOT Roy Moore or that so-called president in the WH. He admitted to some stupid mistakes and was willing to go through the ethics committee. And, he's a tiger for the Dems in the Senate.

People like David Davis and other old Brixtier are “Spent Bullets” who got new life. They have no interest of the Country as a whole

What happened in the House of Commons last week with the majority voting in favour of an amendment to the EU Withdrawal Bill requiring a parliament vote to approve the final Withdrawal Agreement ?

People voted OUT so out it is. You can't go back and change things again. Don't look back move forward.

What is your opinions of the gentleman who voiced his anger towards the two lady MPs on QT last week?

Just because we have a result from a referendum t does not then preclude parliamentary debate and control.

What remains of the EU are all the countries minus UK... so who cares, honestly it's only your problem guys ^^

What a load of twaddle ..... why can't they discuss the concerns of the nation i.e. how are we going to negotiate for trade business without trained negotiators

A very "mature" conversation...this type of manipulation was used in Stalin's time...only empty words

If they ever figure this brexit stuff out I hope they pass it along to california. But at the rate this is going brexit is going to take decades.

This is awesome _ thank you ; I listened everyday and now I will be watching , which is much better ! thanks guys . Jeff from Vilnius Lithuania.( and Ami my chocky lab.

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