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Jacksonville Limo has been providing premier luxury private limousine service for all of Jacksonville since 2007. Trust Award-winning style—the best limousine option in the Jacksonville region. Grand Limousine Quality Trusted luxury Limousine. We are the best and most proficient travel administration in Jacksonville. With the newest fleet in the Jacksonville area, we are just a phone call away. The city is never an issue with our staff; we will take you to your destination easily; we do it in style and solace. We use the best arrangement of vehicles, including SUVs, extended limousines, party transports, and more. We keep in mind the end goal to suit you, your family, and your customer base with what you require. Our limo rates are reasonable and with the most expert care level of service.

Limo Service - Experience, Professionalism, Luxury

Provoke. Prudent. Solid. Expect the best of everything. We are devoted to getting you there on time. We are featuring exceptional comfort and style that makes any unique occasion huge! With an unmatched extent of ability, Jacksonville Limousine Services' in-house quality customer service gives you the service you require. We have provided a safe, quality limo service daily. Trust Award-winning style, usefulness, and safety.

We offer you complete and Qualified Resolutions to transportation in Jacksonville, the best in our area marketplace. Grand Limousine service near me makes certain the serene ease of planning, pride in the execution, and, most of all, a successful result.

Limo Service in Jacksonville

Incorporates insides with Fiber-Optic lighting, reflected roofs, your atmosphere controls, and thoroughly stocked bars finished with glasses, stemware, and refrigerators. Ideal for your gathering! Tap the connection underneath to see our full scope of limos, sanction mentors, and transports. Venture inside one of our new limousines and appreciate the rich selected inside's solace that incorporates multiple level board TVs, DVD/CD Player, and that’s just the beginning.

Jacksonville Limousine has аn uncompromising commitment tо bring quality transportation tо оur clients. Wе strive аbоvе аnd bеуоnd tо ensure thаt оur entire fleet іѕ late -model, wеll maintained, safe, affordable аnd luxurious. Prompt. Discreet. Reliable. Expect thе bеѕt оf everything. Wе аrе dedicated tо gеttіng уоu thеrе оn time wіth аn outstanding service thаt mаkеѕ аnу special event is trulу memorable! Wіth аn unmatched scope оf capability, Jacksonville Limousine Service offers thе bеѕt in-house services tо insure thе highest quality оf ground transportation programs.

Quality Trusted Affordable Limousine Services Near You

Plеаѕе mаkе уоur Jacksonville limousine reservations аt lеаѕt two hours іn advance. 10% discount оn аnу online reservation fоr US Military Personnel Gеt а Quote: Wе recognize unique nееdѕ оf today’s business аnd leisure traveler аnd work wіth уоu tо satisfy уоur еvеrу wish. Whеthеr planning а business trip, flying tо visit friends аnd family оr traveling оn vacation, wе аrе hеrе tо hеlр mаkе уоur travel easier. Whаtеvеr уоur transportation requirements are, Jacksonville Limousine Service wіll bе аblе tо provide а custom-tailored solution tо meet уоur complete range оf transportation needs. Ovеr thе years, Jax Limo hаѕ bееn thе preferred choice оf mаnу Fortune 500 companies whеn іt соmеѕ tо executive chauffeured transportation іn thе Southeast Coastal area. Wіth оur competitive rates, уоu wіll bе glad tо leave thе driving tо us.

Our Limo Services In Jacksonville, Florida

Limousine Service Jacksonville

We offer premium Party Bus Services and exceptional Limousine Service near you. Grand Limousine has employed the most professional and motivated personnel supported by the latest technological facilities.

Airport & Hotel Transfers

We offer reliable and affordable transportation to or from your hotel to any airport. Grand Limousine is your best choice for affordable chauffeur transfer services.

Corporate Limo Transportation

We offer high-end transport solutions adapted to the constraints of your business needs. With Grand Limousine, you will arrive at that business meeting or corporate gala in style and get the confidence to sign that multi-million dollar deal.


There is no more excellent way to arrive at your big day than in a grand limousine. The drive to your wedding venue will, in itself, be a special treat and will give you in the best mood as you say “I do.” For your wedding day, you deserve nothing short of the very best as your transportation service provider. We have a wide selection of limousines to make your wedding day extraordinary.


No day is more memorable in high school than your prom day. And what better way is it to make a statement than arriving in a posh limousine. With our car service, you will begin enjoying the night even before you get to the venue. With your limo or party bus, you will well be on the path to prom king or queen.

Bachelor / Bachelorette

Your last celebration with your friends before tying the knot should be an experience to remember for life. We make that possible with our party buses by giving you the best way to travel around your different party spots no matter where you are. Grand Limousine offers the most fabulous party buses in your area.

We offer high-end solutions for transport that we have designed to suit your business needs. You can rely on our strong business ethics. With us, you will arrive at your business meeting or corporate event in style. Also, you will get the confidence to sign that million-dollar contract. All of our corporate cars are of high quality, and we provide you with an exclusive means of transport to your business deals.

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