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Atlanta Travel Is Back

Signs That Atlanta Travel is Back

The hospitality industry in Georgia came to an abrupt halt between February and April 2020. Known for its conventions, Atlanta’s hotel occupancy plummeted to 9% from 74% in the same period as events were canceled and tourist numbers dropped. The state reported a loss of 223,000 jobs at the onset of the restrictions.

 Atlanta car service  companies felt the brunt of the decline too, as the demand for their services plummeted from the drop in out-of-town business and convention travelers. The car services industry cannot only rely on private functions for their survival.

The initial impact wasn’t as bad as other cities

Two things have helped soften the initial impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on the travel industry in Georgia. The first was the decision by the state government to not completely shut down the state’s economy. It did this by issuing a shelter-in-place order in April 2020. The second was the vaccine rollout, which had an immensely positive effect on traveler figures to the state for the second summer vacation season of the pandemic.

Despite the closure of conventions, sporting events, and concerts, people in the state ventured out to explore the natural beauty of the region. According to some  Atlanta car services , this tendency afforded people a way to stay away from large crowds. People visited the mountains, state parks, and beaches in the region. During the first summer of the pandemic, visits to state parks increased by 562,000 to 11.8 million according to the Georgia Department of Natural Resources Parks, Recreation & Historic Sites Division.

Additionally, figures issued by the Georgia Department of Labor indicate that the hospitality industry had already gained back close to 65% of the jobs lost at the onset of COVID-19.

A rebound for convention-dependent cities

Grand Limousine applauds the efforts made by the city to sustain travel-reliant businesses. Both the initial in-state travelers’ approach, and then the expansion of their campaign to attract visitors from bordering states and further afield have proven very fruitful.

As pandemic-weary Americans from other states looked for a way to travel, a campaign was created by the state to capture their interest. For the summer of 2021, they decided on the slogan “Ready. Set. Georgia.”

The campaign immediately showed signs of success as convention cities in Georgia, like Atlanta and Savannah, attracted leisure travelers, allowing them to rebound from convention cancelations. Visitors came to the state from all over the US, including Chicago, New York, and Miami.

The good news for the  Atlanta car services  is that most conventions planned for earlier in 2021 have not been canceled completely, but rescheduled for later this year or 2022. This sector of the travel industry provides  limo services  for the bulk of their income. However, they have not been lying idle during the last 18 months. The limo hire industry continued to provide its services for weddings, parties, graduations, and other smaller social events.

Grand Limousine provides the safe rides Atlanta counts on for the health industry. People visiting hospitals for treatments and procedures need a service they can rely on. They are also popular with small groups wanting to travel safely together but with social distancing protocols in place; something which public transport and the smaller vehicles used by Lyft and Uber can’t provide.

Throughout the state, sporting events have also been backloaded to be played later this year. Despite the recent protest that caused the loss of the Major League Baseball All-Star Game, which was to be played in Truist Park in July, no other events are threatening to pull out.

Financial support and convention recovery

The state recently set aside $1 million in its mid-year budget for tourism and marketing. Part of this money is aimed at assisting tourist promotion agencies dependent on the much-depleted hotel-motel tax revenue. The balance of the money is earmarked to help individual hospitality enterprises including restaurants, hotels, and tourist attractions.

People first must return to the office before any considerations are given to business travel. However, the convention calendar in Atlanta is looking well booked over the last quarter of 2021, and 77% of people say they are willing to travel for business in the current environment.

Adopting the right approach

We believe that even though the travel industry in Georgia initially showed the strain of the loss in demand, the travel chain supply of the state coped well. Customers visiting the state left with positive impressions because Georgia reacted swiftly, offering them alternative travel options.

Georgia aimed to retain as much of the traveler capacity as possible, ensuring that the rehiring and retraining cost was kept to a minimum. Another area industry players excelled in was ensuring that the entire customer journey has improved. This was done by assisting travelers in overcoming the difficult new protocols.

Digital technology, and the analytics it provides, is now offering regions and companies the ability to personalize traveler experiences. This knowledge is easy to implement across the travel industry, helping the whole industry’s ecosystem.

The adherence to safety measures is very important for us, as they are for others throughout the travel and entertainment industry. In keeping with the protocols, everyone in the car hire business takes the necessary precautions to keep personnel and customers safe, from the management to the chauffeurs.


Looking at the figures, the signs that travel is back in Atlanta came faster than expected. This is thanks to the fast intervention at the state level, helping cities reliant on travel adapt quickly to the new rules that govern the industry.

For companies like Grand Limousine, following the lead and advice offered by the state, enabled them to adapt the services they offer to passengers. Whatever our clientele needs, we provided the service effectively and safely, helping to create confidence and increase customer satisfaction.

Even though the travel boom cannot be equal for everyone, three things helped: reimagined approaches, continued perseverance, and new collaborations. These are the signs that Atlanta travel is back.