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Hope on the Horizon

Hope On The Horizon For The Limousine Industry

A record-breaking 111.7 million visitors in 2019 proved that the state of Georgia is a well-loved business and tourist destination. Before the pandemic hit in 2020, the state was already set for an even stronger year. According to statistics about Atlanta Airport limo services, despite the shutdown to the leisure and hospitality industry, the state was not as severely affected as other states. The rollout of the vaccines had a positive effect on the number of people visiting the state, and the Atlanta hospitality industry has kept abreast of the national average of many states.

A New Limo Service Atlanta Residents Are Using

In the past, a large portion of the limousine industry relied on corporate travel, according to Atl airport limo service. Business travelers prefer the comfort and ease of being transported to and from the airport. They also use the Atlanta airport limo to go from their hotel to meetings and dinner arrangements. Initially, the massive drop in air travelers to the city meant almost no demand for rides to and from the airport.

However, more and more people are now opting to use limo services to travel between cities and states in the region. We also provide transportation for weddings, proms, graduations, and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Still, these are smaller with fewer guests. limousine companies were undoubtedly hit hard by the massive drop in demand.

Although business was slow, we didn't let time go to waste. Many companies across Georgia took the opportunity to run limousines through their annual maintenance checks during quieter days. One upside to the coronavirus is the demand for larger passenger vehicles; even though the trend has been the demand for SUVs and sedans over the last decade, the limo service Atlanta residents were requesting called for bigger limousines and stretch vehicles. This is a silver lining during a situation that was much less than ideal.

Predicting the demand after the pandemic is complex, but for now, limousine rentals companies are not looking to sell their smaller vehicles to purchase more stretch limos. They prefer to maintain a wait-and-see stance.

Traveling By Car Is Safer

Georgia immediately supported its tourism industry by offering state and federal guidelines to those in the industry. The launch of a Covid-19 page on the Industry Portal also gives out information on the latest research, uploads travel data, and offers resources. This showed a 60% increase on the ExploreGeorgia website,         which provided prospective visitors options of places to travel safely. People were looking for areas where social distancing was easy to maintain and travel by car.

Camping occupancy increased, but so did visits to state parks, and a growing number of leisure travelers continue to prefer the state for weekend visits. The increase in visitors proves that the state's beaches and mountains continue to be popular. By May 2021, the state's leisure and hospitality industry gained back 144,000 of the 223,000 jobs lost to the pandemic up to a few months earlier. Visitor numbers are also increasing in the more convention-dependent cities.

Maintaining Strict Safety Protocols

Grand Limousine has always adhered to strict health and safety protocols, but these were boosted at the start of Covid-19. Many people who don't like to drive their vehicles prefer to use private car services over Uber or Lyft. This is because they are aware of the preventive measures employed within the vehicles by chauffeurs. These measures include masks (something inconsistent in other car services) and the complete sanitization of vehicles between passengers.

Passengers are asked to wear a mask, but it's not compulsory, and they have access to hand sanitizers. Air circulation systems filter the air in the limos. Still, we encourage drivers and passengers to prop open roof hatches and circulate the air when the weather permits for shorter trips and our frequent Atl airport limo service.

Before the vaccine became available, the number of passengers in each limousine was limited according to the state health department, and companies adhered to state regulations. Since the vaccine became available, 2021 proved to be a better year than last. An increase in travelers, weddings, and other functions in Atlanta has meant a rebound for the industry.

Restoring Confidence in Travel

As the capital of Georgia, Atlanta is its most populated city. Some of the global companies headquartered in Atlanta include The Coca-Cola Company, UPS, Delta Air Lines, and The Home Depot. Over 1,250 multinational corporations also maintain offices in the area, making Atlanta a vital business hub.

At the outset of the pandemic, the resulting drop in business visitors has not started to recover substantially enough, but the signs of improvement are there. This means that the initial road to recovery for our Atlanta airport limo services and other tourism-related industries will rely on attracting people interested in exploring Atlanta and the rest of Georgia.

Market forecasts continue to show future growth trends for the city -- the growth is projected to match its flourishing pre-2020 performance. The development is expected to come from corporate travelers, tourists, medical treatments, and private individuals who want public services that match their spending power. In preparation, limo companies are adapting services to meet the demand of their passengers.

These commuters expect luxury, privacy, and safety, and limo companies understand and maintain these essential standards.