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Atlanta Party Bus

If you're known as the life of the party, then you may have either been on - or at least heard of - party buses. Many companies across the US are providing party bus services, but when it comes to the quality of the services and the list of amenities offered by the bus, most of them end up being Debbie downers. And even when you do find a bus that knows how to throw a bash, their extremely high rates can bring your celebration to a halt. Fortunately for you, that's not the case with Grand Limousine, a company established to provide world-class party buses. Atlanta citizens need to have the time of their lives!

We are based in Houston, where our current headquarters are located. However, our party bus rental services are available in Atlanta, known for its vibrant nightlife. Due to our tech-friendly measures, exceptional quality, affordable rates, and keeping customer satisfaction our top priority, we are now home to one of the largest fleets of Atlanta party buses. Our extensive network of buses allows us to take you and your friends to all of the hottest spots in Atlanta that you have been dying to go to! Best of all, our drivers are responsible and efficient, so you can focus on having fun while we take care of the rest! When you book us for an event, we ensure you'll have the time of your life!

Atlanta Party Buses Were Never This Accessible Before!

One of the hottest new ways to experience a party (or get transported to parties) is through a party bus! The Atlanta party buses we offer are one-of-a-kind when it comes to making your day/night special. Our buses are specifically designed to host all kinds of celebrations. To give you and your posse the ultimate VIP experience, we have made sure to equip our vehicles with the features our clients frequently ask for. Our party buses have it all, from colorful club lighting designed to sync to the kind of music you and your party like to the custom leather seating. Other unique features of our party bus Atlanta residents sincerely appreciate are:

  • Bluetooth and Aux inputs
  • Wi-Fi
  • Dual LCD TVs
  • Minibar
  • Karaoke machine
  • Removable dance pole
  • Hookah
  • Photo Booth

In short, our buses have everything you and your guests need to make your evening is unforgettable.

Grand Limousine fulfills more than just your transport needs. Would you mind taking a tour with us and discovering all of the party essentials we have in store for you? With our certified, experienced, and responsible drivers, you can loosen up and sip your favorite champagne with your friends while our drivers navigate you through the streets of Atlanta. Our party vehicles can also handle groups of all sizes, so we have got you covered whether you are traveling with your family or throwing your best friend a bachelorette party. It doesn't matter the size and status of our customers as we always provide them with a luxurious experience they can't get elsewhere. Our party buses are your best option if you need comfortable, fun, and safe transport for your group.

We Also Offer Cheap Party Buses that Atlanta Residents Have Come to Rely On!

Party buses are the best way to keep the party going while you're on the move; however, many party buses are pretty costly. At the same time, it seems like their services are worth every penny, a significant proportion of party bus service companies in Atlanta demand way more than their actual costs. In short, these companies want to take advantage of your pocketbook - and they may not even offer quality service!

Luckily that's not the case with Grand Limousine. Unlike other companies focused solely on profits, Grand Limousine is centered on providing quality services that will keep the party going without destroying your bank account. We know that you are looking to save money, and we sincerely respect that. We want you to have a VIP experience that doesn't cost excessive money. So, if you are looking for a cheap party bus Atlanta residents love, give Grand Limousine a call!

Party Bus in Atlanta

If you want to surprise your friends and family with a party bus, then give us a call! We will provide you with the best experience of your life thanks to our affordable packages designed to meet our different client's needs. Most party bus companies in Atlanta have set hourly rates regardless of the time of the day or day of the week. This might seem more economical; However, those companies don't tell you that that charge is the same whether you are looking for a peak weekend or an ordinary weekday, which is a sneaky way to get more money from you. That's not the case with Grand Limousine. We offer lower rates and additional discounts for low-demand weekdays or other off-season months. Thanks to our money-saving policies, we have a relatively higher rate of returning customers than our counterparts. We are also honored and proud that much of our business comes from referrals, which means that our customers enjoyed their experience with us. This makes us the cheap party bus Atlanta residents have been looking for. To learn more about our services and how to throw the best bash your friends have ever seen, please give us a call today!

Step Up Your Celebrations With Our Wedding Transportation Atlanta Couples Love!

Grand Limousine has always been there to help plan parties - and this includes weddings! Despite all the happy and memorable moments your wedding brings, we know that weddings can be exhausting too. With a bundle of things to take care of and what seems like never-ending planning, your wedding can certainly be the busiest time of your life. That's why we provide state-of-the-art wedding transportation Atlanta couples love.

People focus on every tiny detail of their wedding, from flowers at the reception to the lighting on the stage. But most of them often miss one essential piece of information: having a form of reliable transportation, which, if ignored, can turn one's wedding day into a disaster!

You don't want to hire a company that fails to keep its commitments. Some companies fail to be on time, or the ambiance and comfort of their vehicle are not up to par, leading to a very uncomfortable ride to your ceremony. Therefore, it is always better to go with our wedding transportation Atlanta residents trust. Grand Limousine will take care of all of your wedding transportation needs for your big day without charging an extra penny.

Another common factor that can turn your happy day into a not-so-happy day is the traffic. No matter how punctual you are, if there is heavy traffic on the route, you will end up being late for your wedding ceremony! Thankfully, as a tech-friendly company, we have just the right solution for that. We use advanced GPS models and live maps to figure out the roads with higher than average traffic. GPS helps us determine the best route (with the minor traffic) to take so that you do arrive on time for your wedding.

Get an Atlanta Party Bus Rental at a Promotional Price Now!

If you are looking for an Atlanta party bus rental service provider, give Grand Limousine a call! We entertain a wide variety of Atlanta residents and help them enjoy their bachelor/bachelorette parties, proms, birthday celebrations, club-hopping, weddings, and family reunions (as well as multiple other soirees). We offer advanced and lavish entertainment options that are sure to keep your entire party rocking. You can expect a quick and on-time departure and arrival at an event. We have developed a streamlined and fast booking process. Once you make an online booking with us, our customer The support staff will make a confirmation call and inquire about your journey's details. Depending upon the type of bus you have reserved and the length of your trip, we can offer you a personalized Atlanta party bus rental package. We will work with you one-on-one to bring it to life. The celebration you have always dreamed of throwing!

Whether you are planning an epic get-together for some old friends or your brother's bachelor party, we are here to make your event an amazing one! Furthermore, Grand Limousine knows that you want quality service without having to delve into your savings, which is why we offer affordable packages that are customized to suit our client's needs. We are masters at providing high-quality services at competitive rates. Best of all, our drivers are highly flexible - they will stop as many times as you ask them to.

Book an Atlanta Party Bus and Rock Your Evening!

Want to have a tour of the city with your friends all night long? Great - we are here for you. Get in touch with us, and you won't feel the need to hire a designated driver to steer you through the streets of Atlanta. With our Atlanta party bus, we offer you the kind of luxury that will make you forget that you are in a moving vehicle. Our reliable and responsible drivers will keep you safe as they transport you from club to club. Whether it is a general query about the service or wanting to experience everything on board, we facilitate you in everything. We have equipped our Atlanta party bus fleets with advanced and sophisticated equipment that ensures aesthetic style and luxury.

Suppose you are enthusiastic about tailgating events and can't find one with a large fleet. Rest easy because we have an extensive range of party buses adequately equipped with party equipment for a fun ride ahead. We are also proficient in taking you to out-of-town visits and occasions. Our roomy and spacious buses can easily host 40 – 50 people at a time. So, if you and your friends are new in the city, desiring to explore the city and all its most excellent places, we know the spots, and we can take you there in comfort.

The Fun Never Ends When You're Aboard Our Atlanta Beer Bus!

Atlanta is known for its vast vineyards and brewers, which have recently become a tourist attraction. Both outside tourists and locals love traveling to see the manufacturing of their favorite beer and vine in action. So, if you are planning a brewery tour with your family and friends, our Atlanta beer bus may be ideal for you.

Our buses are appropriately customized to keep you comfortable and cozy on your trip. Our drivers won't let you feel a bump while in the car. If you and your guests want to rock out to some music, then the ultra-noise cancellation feature and high-quality sound systems installed will keep the party going! You'll feel like you are in the club even if you are on a country road. With such a high level of comfort, you might even forget you are on the road somewhere! You will only get to know about your whereabouts the moment our driver pings you with an arrival note.

Whether you are planning to throw a surprise birthday party at the far-off beer crafters or thinking about going on an out-of-town trip with your friends to the vineyard, Grand limousine's Atlanta beer bus has got you covered. We offer luxurious vehicles driven by certified and experienced drivers, so you can be sure that your trip will be comfortable and safe. Not only that, the feature-packed and ambient interior of the busses are sure to give you the best vibes. Hire us now to have the most memorable experience of your life.

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